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Welcome to Cindy(love) blogspot ~> nonstoplovingdbsk&56!!!

Hi, everyone. My name is Cindy(love). I love lots of idols from different countries (5566, DBSK, SJ, GM, etc). I love to make lots of friends, not only Singapore, from different countries too especially those who love the same idols as me. This is the first time I doing blog.

I have some rules for you to obey...
First, Please add credits if my picture is taken out. Example *nonstopdbsk56*.
Second, Please Do NOT SPAM & SCOLD especially BAD WORDS.
Third, Please have a English Translation if you guys wrote in different languages in the messages.
Fourth, Please take note that there MUST be no one saying about studies here. This blog will be for fun and also sorry that I did not blog so much like the other blogs. :(
Thanks for obeying the rules. :)
Enjoy! Y

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey, guys.^^ Im back. :)
Miss all of you guys. :)
A little busy to switch on the laptop but I will switch on the laptop more often now as this laptop is working now. Hehe. :D
Went to some of the blogs, lots of update. So cool and I am very happy. :)
Going out later. See you guys soon. :)
Take care. :)

About my mother, she is not working at that place anymore but yesterday, she went to my Secondary School to work in the canteen. Yesterday is her first day. I do not know whether she can continue working because she said she is very very hot in there. She nearly fainted yesterday and her hands are not in a good condition. Hope she can continue working. Fighting!!! :)

Sweet Memories
11:14 AM

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hey, guys.^^
Bye Bye for now.
For this whole week, I will not online and even touch my laptop because my laptop will not be with me for this whole week.
Will be send to repair.
Hope to see and chat with you guys next week I think and hope. :)

Sweet Memories
11:11 AM

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I really feel weird of my laptop. :(
This morning when I switch on it, my touchpad works but later no. :(
When I hit something, it works again but later no again. :(
In the end, it is really no. :(
I called the service this morning and the person in there said that only Mon-Fri at 8.30.a.m. to 5.30.p.m. is available. Therefore, I will call on Monday. :)

Later going to my grandfather's house. Hehe. :D
I love my grandfather the most. :D

Sweet Memories
10:14 AM

Friday, March 20, 2009

Today, I went to RP again with Jin Li and her friend for my laptop but the touchpad still can't work, so I have to call to ask about that and will go to RP again next week with them.
Thanks them about the things for today. :)

Ok, about my mother.
She just come back just now and told me that she received call from her working place and she will not be working for one more week and wait for the call again. :(
What the stupid hell is that? :(
Ok. I am really really very very tired and I don't know why, maybe I just think too much. :(
I wanted to rest and cool down for these 2 days. :(

Sweet Memories
9:58 PM

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ok, I told my father about the English things and he told me to remind him again.
Done of that. :)
Next, about the gathering, I most likely will be going. :)
Ok, that's done too. Will confirm tomorrow about the gathering. :)
Now only left the touch pad and my mother's problems.
My mother not working tomorrow again. :(
Haiz. :(
Don't know what wrong with the boss. This week, she only work for 2 days. :(
Hope that these whole things will done quickly too. :)

Sweet Memories
7:08 PM

I heard that I have FuFeng gathering this Sunday(22nd of March) but should I go?
My heart has two sounds (don't go, go). :(
If I go, will waste money.
If I don't go, I may kick out of the club.
What should I do? Go or not go. :(
Ahhh.... What a headaches and confusion now. :(

Another thing is my English 'O' level. I have not ask my father about the money yet. I do not know how to open my mouth to ask for money from my father always. :(
I am afraid of everything. :(
WTH. No confidence of myself. :(

Sweet Memories
3:52 PM

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ok. Today is Wednesday and yesterday, my mother did not receive any phone call from her working place, so today, she went to work as usual. :)
Hope that is not only today, is today onwards. Hehe. :)
I am quite sad as my touch pad has problem. The mouse cannot move and I donno what happen. :(
I am using mouse now to use my laptop. Lucky still that I can use my laptop. :)
But it is still a bad luck. Haiz. :(
That's really no good luck for me from the beginning of this year. :(
Hope that good luck will come the next time. :)
Must be cheerful, Cindy(love). :D
Cindy=Cheerful. XD

Sweet Memories
3:49 PM

Friday, March 13, 2009

In the morning, I just said that today may be is my mother last day of working.
After that when she come back home, I asked her.
She said that everything is not comfirm yet but she did not need to go and work for Monday and Tuesday which she normally does. :(
Must wait for phone, hope that she goes work on Wednesday and continue working.
If not, no more money and cannot buy anymore CDs and no more freedoms. :(
Thanks, Copycat for telling me to cheer up, I will. :)

Sweet Memories
7:12 PM

Actually, I will not wake up today so early. I woke up at about 8.45.a.m. today.
Someone called me to my home number.
When I listened, the person did not say anything and there is a sound, "tu.... tu....." just like he or she is pressing a number o his or her phone.
Who is this stupid person? Called me early in the morning. Called me 2 times.
Damn tired now but can't sleep anymore.
WTH. Stupid idoit. Grrr........ :(
After that, I hang up the phone and never put back just in case that stupid person called again. :(

Another thing, today may be the last day of working for my mother.
It is not confirm that my mother will not be working anymore but they are going to sack over 20 people I think and therefore, my mother thinks that confirm she will be the one of them. WTH. No more money and no more freedom to do things in my home during weekdays. I hate this.
Bad luck, Bad luck. I hate it. I hate it forever. No good luck for me. :(

Sweet Memories
10:16 AM

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I remember that I had wrote before that I wish to be Ying who is Golf's and Mike's younger sister. She is cute and pretty but I can't put the videos as I have some problem.
Now I am going to put the you-tube here.
Although this is about 2 to 3 years ago (2006) and I do not understand what they talking about but I can feel the family love and warm in them.
Their family love, kisses and warm that I want.
Enjoy. <3 :)

Tittle: 06/12/06 Family Kiss
Ying's father and brothers kiss her. :)

Tittle: GM sang wiz Dad - RakkAey 06122006
Golf and Mike sang with their Dad. :)
So wonderful song. :)

Tittle: GM & Family sang in Rakkaey 06122006
Siblings sang together. :)
Golf, follow by Mike, follow by Ying, follow by Sand and lastly Bank. :)
I love this song. So cute. Siblings love. :)
I think Ying will be a singer next time when she grow up. Her voice is nice. Hehe. :)
By the way, all of their voices are nice. Hehe. :)

O, I love you, Golf and Mike and your family. :D

Credits: lovekame99 @ yt + panda23 @ yt + nonstopdbsk56

Sweet Memories
2:52 PM

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

*edit at 2:13PM*

Just testing, learning to put you-tube. :)
You guys can ignore this but those who like/love these song, can watch it. :)
Enjoy. <3 :)
Like me, I love the song. Hehe. :D
Gee Gee Gee~~ After listen to the song, I sing together. Haha. The girls are pretty, don't they? :D
Tittle: Girls Generation (SNSD) - Gee MV (Dance White Ver.) (english subbed)

Puting one more video. :)
Let's dance, girls. :D
Tittle: SNSD - Gee MV (Dance Version)
Enjoy. <3 :)

ps: Thanks, MysticalRaven. I am learning it now and thanks for the link. :D

Credits: wondersmurf @ yt + aichimin009 @ yt + nonstopdbsk56

Sweet Memories
2:13 PM

Monday, March 9, 2009

O, no. I tried and tried to upload videos in my blog but I can't do it. :'(
What happen? :(
I think I can't post videos anymore. :'(
I am going to cry. :'(
Or is it just today, is the blogger problem? I do not know.
ARRRR........ :'(
Hope it will become normally again next time.
Please please, no more bad luck.
Bad luck, bad luck, please get away from me.
Boring now. Go read storybook. Bye Bye for now.

ps: sian. :(

Sweet Memories
3:20 PM

I do not know what happen to video that I could not put it here just now. I try it a lot of time but still cannot. :(
Well, actually it is just about Golf-Mike and their family and I wish that I am Ying who is Golf's and Mike's younger sister. She is cute and pretty. :)
I am not because of Golf and Mike, so I wanted to be Ying. Is their family love and I want to have a lots of elder brothers too. Ying has 4 elder brothers (Sand, Bank, Golf and Mike). She is the youngest. :)
Is the love, the kisses, the warm which I do not have. :(
How I wish I am Ying. Haha. :)
FallInLoveWithIdols and FallInLoveWithEverySongs. Hehe. :D

Sweet Memories
11:27 AM

Thanks for everyone who loves my blog and come to my blog often. :)
I love you guys. :)
Like what I had said before, I love to make friends. :D
After I went to many blog and tag, finally, I had my own blog which my friend, Jin Li helped me. Thanks lots, Jin Li. :)
If it is not you, I think I do not have this blog to make friends. Haha. :D
Sorry for troubling you if my blog has problem. :( (erm.. I think it might be more in the future. Haha. Lol. XD)
Erm..... Not only friends from Singapore, is friends from other countries. :)
Wow. It is really difficult to make friends from different countries and I can. Thank you, guys. :)
I hope that this will go on and don't change. :)
I hate some changes. Really hate. :(
That's all I think.
Once again, thank you and love you. :D

Sweet Memories
10:25 AM

Friday, March 6, 2009

Let's me talk about the blog and friends now. Hehe. :D
I will always went to 5 blogs including mine in one day everyday and everytime if I am free. :)
The very first blog that I went is "shutupanddbsk" (from Romanian). :)
The first friend, Shasha that I added her in MSN in the next blog is "dbsk dream" (from Malaysian). :)
The first blog that I MUST went to is "xietinloveshero" but now is "tvxqfever" (from Malaysian too and more from other countries too I think). :)
The first friend that I talk the most in MSN is chingoo (from Philippines) together with one of the other friend too (from Brasil). :) I never talk to her quite a long long time. Miss her so much. :(
The first fanboy that I added in MSN and talk with him is Duper (I think he also from Romanian) (can't remember). XD
The first bf that I have and just known that I added in MSN is Ayumi (from Romanian). :) erm.. for your information, Ayumi is a girl. Haha. XD
O, ya. I will not forget. 1 more blog that I went to everyday is "gorgeous18". :)
A friend who will be very busy studying now in China. For your information, she is born in Singapore but is Indonesian and she is studying in China now but she will always be my friend that I will talk to and concern her. :)
1 more is MysticalRaven (from U.S.). MysticalRaven will always tag me and chat with me in my blog if MysticalRaven is free. Now MysticalRaven had blog. Congratulation to you, MysticalRaven. :)
Macy is the first friend from Taiwan that I added in MSN and talk with. :)
"dbsker" is the first blog that I went which I know people around the world and that's where I get so many hotmail to be added as friends. :)
The next website is a Thailand website that I can chat with people even from Korean and the rest of the countries. It is so fun and I love it. Love to make friends. No matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what countries you are. I just love to make friends. :D
Come on, friends forever. Haha. XD

ps: I treated Ayumi as bf because we always kiss each other before going off in MSN. Hehe. XD

Sweet Memories
7:44 PM

I do not know what happen to me yesterday. :(
Just feel depressed, no mood, sick, feel like I'm flying like going to die. :(
After that, I went to some blogs as usual. I only tag to one blog and talk to a girl from other country.
Both the owner of the blog and the girl are from the same country, Romanian.
They are very friendly but I miss all my friends from other countries too. I feel like I had lost contact with them. I know it is very difficult for us to chat as the time is so much different. I miss them. I miss them lots. :'(
After that, when I wanted to sleep yesterdy night, I cried. :'(
I cried very badly that I never cried so badly before, not even I failed my exams. :'(
I think this is the only day and the first time that I cried so badly but I do not know why either. Just keep crying and crying until I sleep. Feel so sick. :'(
After yesterday night of crying, I feel better today but my one of the eyes is a bit swollen. ;(
I love my friends, but do they love or even like me? :(

ps: Thanks, Kity (one of the owners of the first blog that I went) and Ayumi. :)
Where are the rest of you, guys? I miss you guys lots. :(

Sweet Memories
7:10 PM

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wowo. Today start a TV Show called 'The perfect cut 2".
Can't wait, can't wait. XD
I love that show. :D (Although have blood (I am afraid of blood :( LOL))
But that show is nice.
Today at night 10.p.m., it is going to start. :)
Going to watch it.
Wowo~~ XD

ps: Can the Bolero album release quickly? I waited for 1 month and 11 days. :( and the new album is going to release this month again. Don't tell me that the new album will come together with the Bolero album or very very late then release. OMG. I WANT THE ALBUMS. :(

Sweet Memories
7:15 PM


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That mist, that smoke, that charm, that illusion, that light; so tempting
That mist, that smoke, that mystery, that fantasy, that light. They’re so seductive.

You approach me, turning, embrace me with determination
You’re nearing me, twirling, hugging me with your determination.

傻傻在等待会失败 woowoo~~
Waiting like a fool will only fail you, oh~
Waiting like a fool, will make you lose. wo wo~

那近 那远 那日 那夜 那长 那短的噩梦
A nightmare so close yet far, by day and by night, so short yet so long
That near, that far, that day, that night, that long, that short nightmare

都不要来纠缠我 现在我是主人翁
Mess with me no longer, for I am master
Please leave me alone. I’m in the lead now.

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All this is love; let you love, oh~
There’s love everywhere here, for you to love. Wo wo~

You want me to lead, I want you to submit
You want me to be the lead, I want you to conquer

Love so deep, no longer alone
Love to the deepest point, be alone no more.

I got you~ under my skin

You want me to lead, I want you to submit
You want me to be the lead; I want you to submit,

Love so deep, the perfect performance
Love to the deepest point, the perfect performance.

I got you~ under my skin

我让你醉 我让你瘋 我让你中了魔咒
I intoxicate you, I make you crazy, I put a spell on you
I make you drunk, I make you crazy, I put a spell on you

你的细语 你的呼吸 却让我没有了梦
Yet your whispers, your breath, they leave me dreamless
Yet your words, your breath, they leave me without dreams

Is this love? I’ll let you guess, oh~
Is this love, let you guess, WOW~~

Can I interrupt this kiss? You have me; I’m all you need.

Breaking your rules, scrambling your senses

Say no more, stick with me, oh~
Say no more, stick to me, WOW~~~


I love it when you got no shame
Do that thing, so insane
You love it when I play your game
Work that brain, I am in you aim
Yeah~ I am in your aim! You know you got it!

A lonely silence bursts from sparks of love
Loneliness suddenly bursts from sparks of love

My spell will render you unable to think
My spell wants you to stop thinking for a moment.

I got you~ under my skin

From now on, give your heart to me
From now on, give your whole heart to me,

Don’t make mistakes again – I am your only choice
Don’t make mistakes again, I’m your only choice.


DBSK – Wrong Number

Harue yoldubonshik jonhwalgoro hwaginhago
Ojjoda tonghwajungiltaemyon gwaenhan uishimuro
Non to mesejil namgyonwa

I shigane daeche nugugillae jonhwalhae
Itjido anhun yojal sangsanghae manduronae
Sumi makhil got gata Yeah-

Jigyoun jansorinun sahyo to jipchagi doego No
Nol jiullae dashin nae jonhwae nega tuji motage I said

You Got The Wrong Number
You Got The Wrong Number
I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number
So Don't Call Me No More

Odiso nuguwa mwol halka buranhago
Nal wihangora to mitji

Gwanshimiyotdan mallo byonmyongul hajiman
Jinachin gusogun sarangul do apuge mandunungol
Kunkin jonhwae maedallimyon mwol hae dullyoonungon ponhae What To Say

You Got The Wrong Number
You Got The Wrong Number
I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number
So Don't Call Me No More
You Got The Wrong Number
You Got The Wrong Number

Na galsugaobso

I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number
So Don't Call Me No More

Da jiwoborin da bakwoborin
Nowa nal giokhago innun sutja, bimilbonho
Onjerado nae irumi tul taemada ullidon

Noui belsori

Modu dajiwo Reset Reset


Wow michyoborigetda dakchyojugil wonhaetda
Noui gumulsoge babogatun Fish igollonun andwae? Cash
Noui sarangi nae sarul doryonae aryonhae
Onul na moriga apawa to dashi hwanchongi dullyowa

Gwanshiminnun chok nal wihanchok iranun gose nan gudaemanui kokdugakshi
No ranun sorie modun sumul jugil pillyoga omnunde

Ni pume innun nal nohajwo Say
Boso nal su itge nal dowajwo Say
Dashi shijak hal su obsulmankum nomu molli waboryoso

You Got The Wrong Number
You Got The Wrong Number
I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number
So Don't Call Me No More

Ijen bosonago shipunde

You Got The Wrong Number
Dashin jonhwahajima

You Got The Wrong Number

Do nal saranghajima

I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number
So Don't Call Me No More

Jebal dowajwo gumankum nodo
Oh yeah~

Wrong Number
Wrong Number
I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number
I'm Sorry. You Got The. You Got The
I'm Sorry. You Got The. So Don't Call Me No More

DBSK (JaeJoong) – Forgotten Season

Jigumdo giokhago isoyo
Shiworui majimak bamul
Tut morul iyagiman namgin chae
Urinun heojyotjiyo

Gu narui sulsulhaetdon pyojongi
Gudaeui jinshirin gayo

Han madi byonmyongdo motago
Ichyojyoya hanun gongayo

Onjena doraonun gyejorun
Naege kumul jujiman
Irul su omnun kumun sulpoyo
Narul ullyoyo

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